Welcome to Rio de Janeiro (Be Safe)


Rio de Janeiro, one of the worlds most beautiful and impressive cities welcoming you with it’s good weather, nice sea shore and happy people.

Personal security needs a lawyer as well, and issues in Rio needs special attention.
May we offer some tips that will make your stay safer:
a) Upon arrival to your hotel or other place please deposit all valuables and documents in a safe. This refers to passports, flight tickets, wallets, credit cards, cash money and jewelry. For most of these items, in room safe deposit boxes are sufficient. For high values items, use your “place” (Hotel, Vila Olímpica) main safe is recommended.

b) If possible, please carry only small amount of cash money (BrazilianMoney). Shoul you wish to use credit cards, carry only one.
c) Split some money in a differet pocket, to you use if is necessary (emergency case).
d) Don’t go wear expensive jewelry, watches, cameras, if you are alone; or without security.
e) In the streets, sea shores and during, sightseeing, we recommend on being with a group and security.
f) In case you are going to some different place alone, please make sure that security officer knows in advance about your plans and estimate returne time.
g) If is necessary use transportation by uor self; hotel’s taxis are the best choice. Returne pickup can be coordinated in advanced with the hotel.
Second best, only in case taxi is not available, are Rio’s yellow cabs.
A waiting taxi represent a risk. Always prefer a taxi that stops to your sign.
If being threatened, do exactly as are told.
Buy your safety by giving away your money, or other items requested.
h) In case of shooting just protect yourself by LIVING.
i) Please report all security issues to your security officer
j) Our Security Officer Coordinator for your visit in Rio is Mr. Marconi Silva. Please do not hesitate calling him whenever you need.

Hospitals, consulates, card with phones, please keep with you 24 hours .
Marconi is a lawyer and has excellent background with security and safety.

www.marconimendonca.adv.br and [email protected]
Mr. Marconi speaks English and can be reached 24 hours a day calling his cellular.
Cell phone – (55) 21 – 9.9904-3031

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